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Time has come to move forward and grow as a driver and young business person.

I past the MSA ARDS test for circuit racing (Brands Hatch, Silverstone etc.) in April 2016 at 13 and a half- the earliest age you can.
I was also a finalist in the 2017 Junior Scholarship, which attracts the best young drivers in Europe.

This year I will be racing in the with and the . The 2018 season is already in planning. My ultimate goal is to be a professional, world class race driver in GT, World Endurance and Blancpain by working up the motorsport ladder. s

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My principles include:

Ambitious, desire to win, exceptional behaviour, healthy lifestyle, high level of fitness, unfailing determination, grit, loyalty, family, speed, exceeding expectations and high standards.

John Pratt Director at IZone Driver Performance Ltd Silverstone.
'I have been working with Olly for the past two seasons and have found him to be not only a very quick driver and fast learner, but perhaps more importantly he is someone who is committed to developing himself as a world class driver of the future”.s.'

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Investing financially and nurturing young talent in sport so they can concentrate on becoming the best they can be, delivers a powerful message about you.

Sponsorship is not a donation. OTR is a family team who work together and ‘beyond the book’ to make a valuable, effective and personalised strategy for you.


07852182380 | 07507896388

E-mail: info@ollyturnerracing.co.uk

My Philosophy...

‘Do not be afraid of what could go wrong, be excited about what could go right’
‘ Work hard, dream big and surround yourself with great people’

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